Power-Saving Efficiency Tips for Your Appliances


For less than 840 you can buy a plug-in microcontroller that lets an appliance with an induction motor such as a refrigerator, freezer, window air conditioner, or furnace fan, run cooler and ignore quietly on less electricity. This microcontroller, called the Energy Smart Power Planner and manufactured, CEM Industries, is intended for older appliances; newer ones often have a microcontroller built in. The device comes in 8-, 10-, and 20-amp models to handle almost any household appliance that has an induction motor


Control refrigerator prevent odors from spreading, make sure all food is wrapped, covered, or bagged in plastic. The only exception is the fruits and vegetables stored in crisper drawers. And in a frost-free, bag those too otherwise they’ll dry out. Before refrigerating any liquid, put it in a tightly sealed container. Moisture that evaporates inside a refrigerator just makes the unit work harder. To cool food quickly before freezing (and to reduce energy costs) set hot pans in ice water. Wrap the food and freeze it at once. When stocking an empty freezer, add 3 pounds or less of unfrozen food per cubic foot of space each time until the freezer is full. This will allow the food to freeze quickly and thoroughly, retarding the growth of bacteria. Keep a freezer inventory list. It cuts the time you keep the freezer door open looking for food and helps you use older items first.


Knowing how many years you’re likely to keep an appliance helps you to compare models more accurately than if you base your purchasing decision on just the initial cost. With a major appliance, first find estimated yearly cost on the appliance’s energy guide label, then multiply that yearly cost by the appliance’s estimated life. Add the result to the purchase price and you will have a good approximation of the appliance’s true cost. If you don’t have the means of determining how long you will have an appliance you can always contact Bear Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, NY to assist you with any repair needs that may occur while living in the New York area.

Major Appliances
Clothes dryer (electric) – 20
Clothes dryer (gas) -22
Clothes washer – 24
Dishwasher – 16
Freezer – 22
Garbage disposer – 12
Microwave oven – 14
Range (gas) – 28
Refrigerator – 23
Trash compactor – 15
Broiler oven – 9

Small appliances
Blender – 8
Coffee maker (drip) – 3
Coffee maker (percolator) – 6
Food processor – 8
Iron – 9
Mixer – 9
Toaster – 8

For professional appliance repair help contact Bear Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, NY immediately.

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