Dryer Switch Repair Tips

Bear Appliance Repair works on all brands of electric and gas dryers in Brooklyn. If your dryer doesn’t produce heat, drum doesn’t turn or if you have any other problem, simply call our toll free number and let us fix the problem and return your dryer to perfect working order. Call them today to schedule an appointment for your dryer repair. Theywill work with you to set up a repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you:

When scheduling a dryer repair appointment, Bear Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, NY always accommodates your busy life style.

The information we provide on our website is here to help you gain more knowledge about your dryer. More efficient dryer usage can help you save on your utility bills and on possible future repairs by extending the life of your dryer.
Warning: DRYERS CAN BECOME DANGEROUS IF YOU TRY TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, TRADE KNOWLEDGE, AND THE RIGHT TOOLS. We strongly advise you not perform any dryer repairs on your own. Dryer repairs attempted by anyone without professional experience, training, and understanding of gas and electrical systems can become very dangerous. For professional help call our dryer repair technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The motor centrifugal switch serves a dual purpose in clothes dryer. It does the job of a centrifugal switch in a split-phase motor when it opens the circuit to the starting winding as the motor approaches full speed. In the dryer, an additional set of contacts close the circuit to the heat source when top speed is reached. There are two reasons for the additional circuit. First, most dryers use heating elements rated at 5600 watts or so (about 24.5 amperes). Add to this the motor-starting current and a 30-ampere fuse or circuit breaker doesn’t stand a chance. With the centrifugal switch turning the element on after the starting windings are removed from the circuit, however, you are well within the limits of a 30-ampere circuit. There’s a built-in safety advantage here, also. If the motor fails to start for any reason, the heat source will not be energized. The push-to-start switch is an innovation that has come into wide usage in recent years. It’s a safety feature, requiring the push of a button to start the dryer at the beginning of the cycle or after interrupting the cycle by opening the door. It works like this: Depressing the push-to-start switch completes a circuit to the motor through a set of contacts in the motor’s centrifugal switch. As the motor reaches full speed, these contacts transfer to others that energize the motor directly from the timer. This action, occurring instantaneously, takes the push-to-start switch out of the circuit and acts as a holding circuit to keep the motor in operation. Many electric dryers use relays, energized by the timer contacts, to control the heating element

For professional dryer repair help call Bear Appliance Repair 24/7.

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